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McLaughlin/Harkins Family Reunion: June 22, 2013 - Wilkes-Barre
10:30am: Brunch @ St. Patrick Church Hall, 316 Parrish Street
2pm: Potluck Picnic @ Frances Slocum State Park, Pavilion #1
Also recommended, Cemetery and Neighborhood tours

James Michael and Grace (Harkins) McLaughlin

Married: October 14, 1908 at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA

My great-grandfather's birthday was listed at Nov. 21st on his baptism;
however, it is Nov. 24th on all his legal documents as an adult.
He used Leo as a middle name as a young adult, but it was Michael later.
Home: 16 Jones Street, from at least April 1920 until they passed away
1910: 17 Essex Ln, '11 & '14: 205 S Main St, Preston, '12: 30 Brown St
1913: 24 Griffith Ln, '15-16: 97 Stanton St, & 1917-18: 180 Blackman St

James "Jim" Michael McLaughlin

Born: Nov. 24, 1884 in Preston (Ashley), PA
Father: John Patrick McLaughlin
Mother: Mary Jane (Tosh) McLaughlin

Baptised: Nov. 30th in Sugar Notch, PA
at St. Borromeo Catholic Church
Godfather: Daniel Irvin
Godmother: Grace Fisher

Died: May 23, 1956 of Lung Cancer
Buried: St. Mary's Cemetary
Hanover Township, Luzerne PA

James "Jim" Leo, b. 1909
Margarite "Peg" Helen, b. 1910
William "Bill" J., b. 1912
Grace Helen, b. 1913

John "Jack" Patrick, b. 1914
Joseph "Joe" William, b. 1918
Arthur "Art" Edward, b. 1924
Mary Margaret, b. 1928

Grace (Harkins) McLaughlin

Born: June 1, 1888 in Wilkes-Barre, PA
Father: William Harkins
Mother: Mary (Dugan) Harkins

Baptised: June 17th in Wilkes-Barre, PA
at St. Mary's Catholic Church
Godfather: Michael Gallagher
Godmother: Sara Dugan (Aunt?)

Died: November 8, 1973 of natural causes
Buried: St. Mary's Cemetary
Hanover Township, Luzerne PA

Mary Margaret Boyle
William "Bill" Gabriel Gelsleichter
Miriam Elizabeth Pissot
Joseph Leo Dowling (widowed)
William K. F. Brenner (2nd husband)
Dorothy "Dottie" Macekeyer (sp?)
Elizabeth "Betty" Anne Worman
Lois Elizabeth Wenner
William "Bill" Dennis Worman