Schneider Family Ancestry

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Edward Anthony and Rose Marie (Debes) Schneider

Married: Apr 29, 1915, York, PA

Edward Anthony Schneider, Sr

Born: 20 Mar 1892
Father: Bruno Schneider
Mother: Anna Mary (
Died: 6 Jun 1940, York, PA
Buried: Jun 1940
St Mary's Cemetery, York, PA

Edward Anthony, Jr
Catherine "Sis" Ann
Henry "Hen" J
Anthony "Tony" C
Francis "Frank" B, Sr
Mary E, b. 16 Nov 1931
Dorothy "Dot" L

Rose Marie (Debes)

Born:27 Aug 1892, York, PA
Father: Henry A Debes
Mother: Catherine (Brickner)

Died: 13 May 1973, York, PA
Buried: May 1973
St Mary's Cemetery, York, PA

Dorothy F (Musman)
Raymond Richard Tuleya

d. 16 Nov 1931
John "Jack" A Ferguson