Fall 1973 Oregon HS Boys WP Championship

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Per old news reports Water Polo was sanctioned by OSAA in 1973 on a trial basis,
as was Volleyball and Soccer. However, the OSAA has no records of this happening.
Swimming moved to the Winter, therefore water polo moved to the Fall.
Jodi Perkins played for Sandy, 1st female to play in any Oregon HS State tournament.
Per Dr Kehrli, DD lost their 1st games to PSU and Sandy, but won all the rest.

State Tournament @ Portland State University

(Double Elimination - except Final)

1st Round

Fri, Nov 2nd
N1 D. Douglas 16
S4 Springfield 1

N3 Sunset 12
S2 Thurston 1

N2 Sandy
S3 C.G. (forfeit)

S1 Sheldon 6
N4 Parkrose 2

Prelim Semis

Fri, Nov 2nd
N1 D. Douglas 9
N3 Sunset 4

N2 Sandy 13
S1 Sheldon 3

Losers Bracket

S2 Thurston 8
S4 Springfield 4

N4 Parkrose
S3 C.G. (forfeit)

Prelim Final

Sat., Nov. 3rd
N1 D. Douglas 7
N2 Sandy 1

Consul Semis

S1 Sheldon 19
S2 Thurston 0

N4 Parkrose 7
N3 Sunset 6

Final Rounds

Sat., Nov. 3rd
N1 D. Douglas 6
N2 Sandy 3

N2 Sandy 7
N4 Parkrose 4

N4 Parkrose 13
S1 Sheldon 5

S2 Thurston
N3 Sunset



Deep Goalie
Shallow Goal


State Results
2nd Place

Loser wins:
3rd Place

Loser wins:
4th Place

5th Place tie
5th Place tie


DD: M.Kehrli*
Sy: R.Hewitt
Sy: S.Roth
Sn: D.Robinson
DD: D.Ainsley
DD: K.Leichtner
Sh: D.Brigg

DD: D.Craft
Sy: B.Anderson